Codes Age_C1Age in Years
Codes CG_RelationWhat is your relationship to (S)
Codes CG_RelationOthOther Relationship
Codes Gender_C1Gender
Codes CG_YearsHow long have you known (study participant)
Codes CG_MonthsHow many months have you known (S)
Codes CG_LiveWhere has (study participant) been living during the last 6 months?
Codes CG_LiveOthOther living arrangement
Codes CG_LiveWithDo you currently live with (study participant)?
Codes CG_SameHouseYrIf yes, how long have you been living with (study participant)?
Codes CG_SameHouseMoHow many months
Codes CG_InteractHow often did you interact with (S) during the last month?
Codes CG_AssessInterviewer’s assessment of the caregiver’s reliability as a historian
Codes CG_WhyAssessExplanation of the interviewer’s assessment of the caregiver’s reliability as a historian


Caregiver Questionnaire


With regards to how long the caregiver has known the person or how long the caregiver has actually lived with the person, if they answered 2.5 years, the question would be answered '2 years + 6 months.' If the answer is 9 months, the question would be answered: '0 years + 9 months.'

Private residence refers to a non-institutional house, condominum, townhome, or apartment, whether owned, rented, or occupied as a guest of a family or friend.

Assisted living refers to facility that provides a combination of housing, personalized supportive services and health care designed to meet the needs of people who require assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (e.g., cooking, driving, shopping, keeping track of finances, using the telephone or computer, managing but not administering medications) and few, if any, basic activities of daily living (e.g., meals, bathing, dressing and toileting). For the purposes of this study, 'group homes' that provide this type of service will be categorized as Assisted living.

Nursing home refers to a facility that provides regular medical supervision, administration of medications, assistance with most or all basic activities of daily living, and may provide some rehabilitation therapies. This type of facility is usually licensed and certified as such by the state.

Other living arrangement refers to any housing arrangement not captured by the definitions above.