Codes EXCL_NeuroPre-injury neurological and/or neurocognitive disorder
Codes EXCL_HypoxicPrimary diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury or clinically definite post-TBI hypoxic-ischemic event (i.e., respiratory arrest and/or cardiac arrest) or non-TBI-related stroke
Codes EXCL_PsychoticPre- or post-injury psychotic and/or bipolar disorders
Codes EXCL_SubsPost-injury substance use disorder (i.e., abuse or dependence diagnoses)
Codes EXCL_LabClinically significant abnormalities on screening laboratory studies
Codes EXCL_SuicideBDI-II score >= 20 (i.e., moderate or severe depression) or BDI-II item 9 (“Suicidal Thoughts or Wishes”) > 0
Codes EXCL_EmotionalBSI 18 Depression Subcale or Anxiety Subscale T score >= 63.
Codes EXCL_PenetratePenetrating brain injury or cerebral lobectomy
Codes EXCL_SensoryHearing, vision, and/or communication impairments that invalidate neuropsychological or other study assessments
Codes EXCL_EffortTOMM Trial 2 score < 45 (i.e., suboptimal effort on testing)
Codes EXCL_MedsUse of an excluded medication in the month prior to study participation, known allergy to donepezil, or documented intolerance to donepezil
Codes EXCL_SeizPosttraumatic epilepsy (i.e., recurrent unprovoked seizures)
Codes EXCL_HeartSymptomatic bradycardia, cardiac conduction abnormality (i.e., first- or Type I second-degree atrioventricular blockade), atrial fibrillation, or unstable cardiovascular disease, including myocardial infarction within three months prior to study participation
Codes EXCL_PulmActive, severe, or unstable pulmonary condition, including severe asthma
Codes EXCL_GastSigns or symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding or active peptic ulcer disease within three months prior to study participation
Codes EXCL_PregSerum HCG-confirmed pregnancy
Codes EXCL_ContraFor female participants, unable/unwilling to use barrier contraception during study participation, intrauterine device, or other implantable contraceptive method
Codes EXCL_BreastFeedFor female participants, unable/unwilling to forego breastfeeding infants or children during study participation