Codes GCS_DocDoes the medical record document a Glasgow Coma Scale score ~30 minutes post-injury?
Codes GCS_ScoreGlasgow Coma Scale score at ~30 minutes post-injury
Codes GCS_SedationDoes the medical record reveal that the participant was sedated (regardless of intubation) when the above Glasgow Coma Scale score was determined?


Glasgow Coma Scale Score at 30 Minutes Post-Injury


NOTE: Alteration in brain function is defined as by one (or more) of the following clinical signs:

-any period of loss of or a decreased level of consciousness (LOC);
-any loss of memory for events immediately before (retrograde) or after the injury (PTA);
-any alteration in mental state at the time of the injury (i.e., confusion, disorientation,).

NOTE: other evidence of brain pathology: Such evidence may include visual, neuroradiologic or laboratory confirmation of damage to the brain.

NOTE: caused by an external force may include any of the following events:
-the head being struck by an object,
-the head striking an object,
-the brain undergoing an acceleration/deceleration movement without direct external trauma to the head

NOTE: at least temporary disability denotes immediately apparent limitations in everyday function (i.e., inability to perform instrumental or basic activities of daily living)