Codes INCL_HumanMan or woman of any race, color, ethnicity, or national origin
Codes INCL_Age18-60 years old.
Codes INCL_EnglishPrimary language English
Codes INCL_TBIClinical diagnosis of traumatic brain injury using NINDS TBI CDE definition and merit assignment of ICD9 codes 850.0-850.9, 851.0, 851.2, 852.0, 852.2, 852.4, 853.0, or 854.0
Codes INCL_NonPenTBI is non-penetrating
Codes INCL_SeverityTBI is of complicated mild or greater severity
Codes INCL_WindowTBI occurred at least 6 months prior to study participation.
Codes INCL_MemImpPersistent posttraumatic memory impairment, as defined by HVLT-R Total Trials 1-3 (Form 3) impairment >= 25% for WTAR-based IQ-adjusted performance expectations
Codes INCL_MemFunctMemory impairments are functionally significant, as defined by subject and/or caregiver endorsement of at least 3 memory problems, occurring at least weekly, on the EMQ
Codes INCL_MedsStable doses of allowed centrally-acting medications for at least 3 months prior to study participation, and participant and caregiver commitment not to alter doses of allowed medications during study
Codes INCL_ConsentCapable of providing independent informed consent for study participation OR provision of consent for study participation by a legally-authorized representative is supported by subject assent to study participation
Codes INCL_InformantA knowledgeable informant is available and willing to attend study visits or to provide required information by telephone interview on the day of study visits